Small Block Hub Adapter -No Fan


This is a CNC machined billet hub that bolts to the flywheel of the small block Briggs Vanguard horizontal engine. This hub is machined on the flywheel side to NOT use the oem fan.  The hub features a 1-1/2 center pilot, a 3 bolt 5/16-18 on a 3” BC. This is the bolt pattern that our universal pulley and our billet PTO shaft has. The hub also has a 4 bolt ¼-20 on a 2-3/16 BC. This is the standard pattern that Cub Cadet uses on the clutch pin style drivers and the hydro drive hubs. Includes the hub and 4 mounting bolts.

Please note: There are 2 options for bolts. 5/16-18 and 8mm x 1.25. You will need to figure out what thread size is in your flywheel. There is no way for us to know.

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