Mikuni Carb Kit (pt num 8000)


This is a flat slide Mikuni carb kit for the Briggs model 38 V-twin engine. This kit comes with a brand new Mikuni flat slide carb, Mikuni rubber mounting boot, the billet CNC machined adapter. We have modified the carb to a base starting point for the builder. We have changed the needle and seat for a fuel pump system. We have moved the metering needle to the correct location. And we have changed the jet to what we feel is a good starting point. This is a bolt on kit. Carb is made for any 58MM clamp on air filter.

Please note: It is the engine builders responsibility to properly jet and tune the carb for the application used. Please do not ask us a bunch of questions on how to jet your carb. There is NO way we could possibly know how to jet every engine at every altitude and application.

The kit comes standard with no throttle cable. In the drop down menu you can select the options if you need a cable. The 34” cable is a low profile cable with a steel 90 degree on the top. The universal 65” cable comes straight out the top of the carburetor.

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