30mm Low Profile Carburetor (Less Carb)


This is a kit to use a 30mm carb that was designed specifically for golf carts and other applications where the throttle cable coming out of the top of the Mikuni carb is a problem. This is just the hardware kit and does not include a carb. The carburetor that it was designed for is off a Kohler K series K321 and K341 engine. They can be sourced at Kohler dealer or you can get reproduction carbs on eBay. This kit includes the adapter, all mounting hardware, filter adapter, filter and oil and a universal 65” throttle cable.


Please note. The K321-K341 carb is a fully adjustable carb. There are no main jets to adjust. It is the builder’s responsibility to properly tune the carb that they purchase. We WILL NOT reply to questions asking how to tune your carb as every engine is different and there is no possible way we could do that.

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